My Love

by Raven & Moth

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A bygone is a shape with too many sides to count
My anger with you is a never ending foun-
ten fingers and ten toes, with which to count
all the bullshit you put me through,
Fuck, this damn love-drought

I've never liked adrenaline, it's poison in my veins
But even poison is sweet when it's all you can claim

The best lies have truth
Eye for eye, tooth for tooth
Give me back my time
give me back my youth

*I'm not your Atlas
You're not the Earth
I'm burnt to ashes
you've stolen my hearth
My love is not patient
My love is not blind
My love is selfish
My love is mine

My heart is not a graveyard
For you to rest your bones
Not a puddle of water to kick stones
the deep
-er we go, the more we know

You'll never know what I know

I've been in your ocean
I've swam in your sea
not a depth in you,
could tame the fire in me
I've waited this long to think of the words
I know how I feel
And I know what I deserve


A no might make them angry
But it'll set you free
Said one great woman, Nayyirah Waheed
Extra: (Oh I can taste your salt baby. The sweat from your chest. Coz I know I make you nervous, no need to protest.)

Even light bows to gravity

My love.
Self love)


released May 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Raven and Moth Virginia

Looking for a drummer and a cellist for live performance and recording.
contact me!!

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