An Offering For April

by Raven and Moth

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A series of haiku arranged into 12 8, written Gertrude Stein style


Do not wait for change
An Offering For April
Leave leaves beneath trunks /
Make your mark on me
So that i can wear it out
And float on your breath /
Exactly as he
Our acquaintanceship is a
Kiss hit and a trip /
My jacket is smoke
Your eyes are soft fields of green
And i am but One /
To tune out the waves
With significance i sing
And count the rain drops /
Your words are not waste
i am not a flower child
Our strength is inside /
Sun kissing the earth
Open the blinds to witness
Gaia grins right back /
Dance amidst the flames
Drink in electricity
Do not go gentle /
What am i to do,
And where am i to go,
Steady at ease here /
Five are doomed to live
Seven have no time for life
Unordained numbers /
Trim the rose bushes
Run after the midnight moon
Slap the strings with saw /
Here we have something
Your ivies call you daddy
Come lay next to me...



released April 21, 2017




Raven and Moth Virginia

Looking for a drummer and a cellist for live performance and recording.
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